Video 19 Jun 150 notes

this post requested (and gifs made by) sarreltaviks

Puncher: Benjamin Sisko
Punchee: Q

Memorable Lines: "You hit me!  Picard never hit me!" "I’m not Picard"

Why it’s Awesome:  Q is an omnipotent being with godlike powers, moving in realms unknowable to mortal man.  But he mostly uses his powers for picking on Starfleet captains.  It’s become a bit of a hazing ritual - star in a Star Trek show, get harassed by Q.  Located as only the third episode in Deep Space 9, this is a chance for Sisko to prove himself, to bring real definition to his character, and above all, to distinguish himself from his trekly predecessor, the inestimable Jean-Luc Picard.  And, of course, to do what Picard never could (but I’m sure always wanted to) - punch Q in the face.  It illustrates the differences between their characters perfectly and is a real character establishing moment for Sisko, as well as shocking the pants off of Q, which is always a good thing.  And, let us never forget, Q gets punched in the face.  Which he so very very much has coming.  Q, who is canonically more powerful than God, gets punched in the face.  AWESOME.

Where to find it?: Star Trek: Deep Space 9, “Q-less”

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    I love the look on Sisko’s face right after he says “I’m not Picard” (And you just got your ass handed to you).
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    This was just too awesome and funny. Still is.
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    Deep Space 9 is my jam. No one will ever tell me otherwise.
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    I have a thousand and one TOS and TNG feels, but DS9 will always hold a special place in my heart as the Star Trek I...
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    I wanna watch this show so bad but unfortunately, as you already know, football
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    On a related note, check out Jen’s list of 9 reasons to love Benjamin Sisko.
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